KALA Milestones

1990 – Founded

1991 – Registered

1993 – Received Honourable Mention from UNESCO and awarded Noma Medal and a Diploma for being the first adult learners’ association which for the first time, brought adult learners together;

1995 – Produced the first copy of Learners’ Voice (“Sauti ya Wanakisomo”)

1997 – Inspired and supported the formation of learners’ associations in Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Through KALA’s initiative, learners from these countries have formed the African Adult Learners’ Association Network (AALAN).

Between 2000 and 2002 – mobilized over 65,000 adult learners to join literacy classes all over the country;

2012 – A member of Global Learners’ Network, an association that brings together global adult learners organizations with the aim of improving the well-being of adult learners.

2013- A member of the Special Board of Adult and Continuing Education in the Ministry of Education


Other milestones

  • KALA has been a learners’ advocate acting as a liaison between the government and learners as well as other partners
  • Adult learners in KALA programme have been empowered to perform tasks they were unable to undertake previously, that have come only through a well-founded level of an empowering education
  • KALA has been instrumental in establishing of development programmes which have linked learning with income generating projects that have kept learners groups together. This approach has increased active participation of learners by engaging in development activities such as civic education, HIV and AIDS prevention, care and control, human rights education and youth education among others
  • KALA has contributed to the national empowerment process by giving learners the tools in which to engage with the communities in planning and implementing various development programmes. A major feature in this empowerment process has been the leadership training that KALA has given to its members especially those serving in various leadership capacities at the national, local level and economically empowering adult learners to gain financial literacy skills which enabled adult learners to gain expertise in writing articles, production and translation, data collection, proof reading and editorial work of KALA publications;
  • KALA has continued to collaborate with various partners both locally and internationally in the provision of adult education.